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PIANOL S3 Fire Extinguishing Agent


The product is intended for the production of mechanical firefighting foams: light, medium, and heavy (for extinguishing Class A and B fires according to PN-EN 2:1998) as a 3% solution in firefighting water. It's a synthetic foam-generating fire extinguishing agent with a CNBOP-PIB Approval Certificate No. 1132/2011.


PIANOL S3 is a water-glycol solution of surfactants, hydrotropic substances, corrosion inhibitors, and foam stabilizers.


PIANOL S3 Fire Extinguishing Agent is available in tankers, 1000-liter polyethylene intermediate bulk containers, 200-liter polyethylene drums, and other packaging types agreed upon with the recipient.

Selected Technical Parameters:

Wybrane parametry techniczne


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