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Contract manufacturing

Do you need a product in the chemical sector? You know where and how to sell it, but have no means of manufacturing it on your own?

Contract manufacturing, which is one of the branches of our business, is a solution just for you!

The main advantage of outsourcing is, above all else, saving time and money. We provide you with our know-how and the latest manufacturing technologies. We offer help with developing the product’s composition, its appearance and form (from developing the formula to the support with choosing the packaging and developing its graphic design).



Each Customer can count on full support from our specialists at every stage of manufacturing. Thanks to cooperating with our modern laboratories, we ensure repeatability of manufacturing and high quality of products.



Creating a comprehensive technological background, which is essential for manufacturing a new product in the chemical sector, requires huge financial resources, knowledge and a personnel of qualified employees. By outsourcing the manufacturing to us, you can launch a new product or brand on the market at minimal financial expenses. We encourage you to check out our offer and submit inquiries. If you’re planning to enter the market of chemical products or wish to expand your offer with new products, our services will be a perfect solution.

Our core business is:

Industrial chemicals
Manufacturing of paints and thinners
Household chemicals



We specialize in providing the services of confectioning, packaging, pouring mainly liquid products for the chemical, industrial, cosmetic and automotive sectors into containers of different volumes, our own or provided by the customer.

The service covers the following:

  • pouring
  • capping
  • labeling
  • packing in bulk packaging
  • palletizing

We own a large storage base with the ability to store the products of our customers. We have experience in storage and pouring of hazardous, explosive substances with ADR labels.

We organize transport that we may also utilize our own vehicle fleet for.

We’re also the middleman in purchasing bottles, canisters and different types of caps and tips (triggers, atomizers, flip-tops, disc-tops etc.) as well as carrying out the printing of labels and organizing the appropriate bulk packaging.

If you have an idea for a different innovative product in the chemical sector - ask away!!

If you’re interested in contact manufacturing or confectioning, fill out the contact form.