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House Pro by Chemika Furniture Cleaner

House Pro by Chemika Furniture Cleaner


The Furniture Cleaner by House Pro is a high-quality liquid product designed for effective cleaning and care of various types of furniture. It is specially formulated to remove dust, dirt, and stains from furniture surfaces, leaving them clean and refreshed. The gentle formula of the cleaner ensures that it does not damage or dull the furniture's finish, making it safe to use on a wide range of materials, including wood, laminate, veneer, and more. The cleaner also contains moisturizing agents that help preserve the natural beauty of the furniture and prevent it from drying out or becoming brittle over time. With its pleasant fragrance, the Furniture Cleaner provides a pleasant cleaning experience and leaves a fresh scent in the air.

Intended Use:

The Furniture Cleaner is suitable for cleaning and maintaining various types of furniture, including wooden and wood-based furniture, laminated surfaces, veneers, and other furniture materials. It is ideal for use in both professional settings and households.


For external use only. Before use, shake the bottle well to ensure proper mixing of the ingredients. Spray the cleaner directly onto the furniture surface or apply it to a soft, clean cloth. Wipe the furniture thoroughly, paying attention to any visible stains or dirt. For stubborn stains, allow the cleaner to sit on the surface for a few moments before wiping it away. After cleaning, buff the furniture with a dry cloth for a polished and shiny finish.

Contraindications: Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged skin exposure. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest the product.


The Furniture Cleaner is available in containers with various capacities, as agreed upon between the manufacturer and the recipient. The containers are made of suitable materials for safe storage and usage.

Selected Technical Parameters:

Appearance, color:

Clear liquid without mechanical impurities.

Odor: Pleasant fragrance.

Density at 20°C: Approximately 1.00 g/cm3.

The product is not intended for consumption!

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