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VINYLAK Vinyl Paint


VINYLAK LT16500 Polyvinyl Paint is a solution of polyvinyl resin, additives, and other components in a blend of organic solvents.

Product Properties:

Vinyl paint is a bake-drying product that provides excellent protection to painted components after solvent evaporation, creating flexible, high-quality coatings with strong adhesion. Baking Temperature and Time: 165°C for 15 minutes.

Intended Use:

Specialized paint for industrial use, designed to be a durable protective coating for painted aluminum surfaces where the use of an undercoat is not required. Apply VINYLAK vinyl paint according to its intended purpose in professional painting lines for the exterior of aluminum sheet metal, with or without printing, used for forming food can lids.

Application Method:

Sheets of aluminum with a thickness of 0.23±0.01 mm and appropriately sized for the coater should be coated with paint using a roll coater or any suitable method, and then dried at a temperature of 165°C for 15 minutes. The wet film thickness should be adjusted individually for the chosen application method and the working viscosity of the product, so that after baking and solvent evaporation, the dry coating weight is at least 3.0 g/m². After passing through the oven, the paint surface is dry and cured. The recommended dry coating weight is between 3.5 and 4.5 g/m², for high-pressed aluminum sheets. The product viscosity can be modified to meet the requirements of the customer's painting line. Other application parameters, temperature, and drying time can be used after conducting tests on the customer's painting line. Before starting painting work, the paint should be thoroughly mixed and, if necessary, thinned with VINYROL R16500 thinner to achieve the required working viscosity suitable for the chosen application method. The paint should be applied to degreased surfaces free from dust and dirt. The minimum temperature of the painted surface should not be lower than +5°C, and should be 3°C higher than the dew point. Painting should be carried out at a substrate temperature no higher than 35°C. The maximum relative humidity during painting work should not exceed 85%.

NOTE: Before working with the product, it's necessary to read the product data sheet. This solvent-based product is flammable in liquid state and requires strict adherence to safety and fire protection measures as outlined in the data sheet. The paint coating formed after solvent evaporation is non-flammable.

Selected Technical Parameters:

Color: Clear
Density: Max. 1.01 g/cm³
Viscosity (Ford cup No. 4): 150-170 s
Gloss: Matte, Glossy, Semi-matte
Thinning: VINYROL R16500 thinner
Cleaning of painting elements: Directly after use with the thinner
Non-volatile content (2g/170°C/15 min.): 24-26% by weight
Coverage: Approximately 90 m²/l with one coat (approximately 11 g/m² wet)
Press forming capability: At least equivalent to the used sheet metal
Coating adhesion to metal: Grade 1
Dry coating weight: Minimum 3.0 g/m², recommended 3.5-4.5 g/m²
Baking temperature: 165°C
Baking time: 15 min.
Substrate temperature: Not lower than 5°C, 3°C above dew point temperature
Ambient temperature: Not lower than 5°C (optimal above 10°C)
Application methods: Roll application
*) modified to meet the requirements of the painting line
**) given as a standard parameter
***) given as a standard parameter

VINYLAK paint is thermoplastic. Standard parameters have been provided in the description. Drying time, temperature, and conveyor belt speed should be determined experimentally during tests on a specific painting line. With established painting line parameters, the manufacturer can suggest a suitable formulation variant to achieve flawless coatings.

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