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DENTURAT B Solvent Diluent


DENTURAT B is a versatile solvent diluent with various applications in different industries. In the industrial sector, it is used for cleaning parts after machining processes due to its grease-dissolving properties and high volatility. In tanneries, it is used in the leather tanning process. In shoemaking workshops, it is used for reshaping deformed footwear with shoe stretchers. In carpentry, modeling, and furniture restoration, it serves as an excellent solvent for shellac and polish. In dyeing, it is used as a diluent for spirit-based paints. It is also employed for degreasing surfaces before applying new paint coatings. Due to its very low freezing point, DENTURAT B is used by railway companies to maintain the continuous operation of rail traction during the autumn and winter seasons. It is also used by tram, trolleybus, bus, and urban transport depots. Its excellent solubility in water makes it useful for removing ice during periods of low temperatures.


DENTURAT B is produced based on denatured rectified ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 92%, with the addition of surface-active agents (detergents). It serves as an antifreeze and ice-melting agent.

Product Properties:

It is a volatile and flammable liquid that can form explosive mixtures with air.


Selected Technical Parameters:

Wybrane parametry techniczne
Product compliant with the In-House Standard of CHEMIKA company. It is approved by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH).


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