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One-component, fast-drying shop primer based on acrylic resin. Colorless water-dilutable temporary primer for the protection of metal elements.


Specialized coating for industrial use. The product is intended for use as a coating for temporary protection of new sheet metal surfaces and other steel structures, as well as surfaces cleaned by vibration or abrasive blasting. It serves as a primer for corrosion protection during storage, processing, assembly, and transportation of metal elements. It provides excellent corrosion protection, even during marine transport. IMPRIMER PA W1045 forms a colorless transparent coating, preserving the clarity of part markings. It can be used to protect elements that will undergo annealing at temperatures up to 300 ºC. During annealing at elevated temperatures of approximately 800 ºC, the coating degrades without leaving residues on the surface. Therefore, without any additional surface treatment, any corrosion protection system can be applied to the elements.


Before starting work with the product, refer to the product's safety data sheet. The water-dilutable product is non-flammable. It should not be used without referring to the safety data sheet, which CHEMIKA provides to its customers. Apply the product according to its purpose as a temporary primer for metal elements' protection. Before use, mix the product and, if necessary, dilute it with a solvent (drinking water) to achieve the required working viscosity suitable for the chosen application method. IMPRIMER PA W1045 should be applied to dry, degreased surfaces, free from dust and dirt. The minimum temperature of the painted surface should not be lower than +5 ºC and should be at least 3 ºC above the dew point. The painting process should be carried out at a temperature of the painted substrate not exceeding 35 ºC. The maximum relative humidity during painting should not exceed 85%. Application methods: brush, roller, pneumatic spraying, hydrodynamic spraying, dip coating, or flow-coating. For dip coating and flow-coating, the working viscosity should be adjusted individually, depending on the application conditions. Roller or brush application is recommended only for smaller surfaces and local repairs. The protective properties of the coating depend on the porosity of the protected surface. The recommended dry film thickness, depending on the level of protection, is 8÷20 µm, measured on a smooth test panel. The product is not intended for use on heavily corroded, pitted, or contaminated steel surfaces. IMPRIMER PA W1045 is not suitable for immersion in water conditions.


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