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P2-DEK Prepared Calcium Chloride


The solid preparation, "P2-DEK Prepared Calcium Chloride," is designed for neutralizing settled coal dust that poses an explosion hazard in rooms and underground workings in mining facilities. The product is highly hygroscopic and effectively removes the volatilization of coal dust that accumulates in underground mine workings. It is used to reduce the risk of coal dust explosions and is intended for eliminating areas with significant dust pollution, particularly in places where coal dust is intensively generated and there are secondary sources of dust pollution. It is applied to create protective zones in workings where the neutralization of coal dust is required and regulations permit the use of sprayed zones.


The P2-DEK Prepared Calcium Chloride is a highly hygroscopic substance that readily dissolves in water, forming a neutral solution. It is a mixture of calcium chloride, thickening agents, and wetting agents, presented in solid form as flakes.

Product Properties:

The P2-DEK Prepared Calcium Chloride is a solid substance. It appears as white flakes, is non-flammable, and is resistant to aging, biological degradation, and oxidation. It has a high affinity for moisture, readily absorbing humidity from the surrounding air. As it absorbs moisture from the air, the calcium chloride transitions into a liquid state, wetting the surrounding dust and forming a sticky, non-volatile, non-drying mass. It is easy to use, and its effectiveness depends on the humidity of the air in the underground workings of mining facilities.


The product complies with the internal standards of CHEMIKA company. It holds a Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH). The preparation has obtained a CERTIFICATE allowing it to be marked with a safety symbol.

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