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CaBO Wetting Agent for Coal Dust


CaBO Wetting Agent for Coal Dust is intended for use as an additive to water in dust prevention, aiming to control harmful coal dust in underground workings of mining facilities. It is used to combat dust generation on longwall and roadway mining machines, dampen the area around mining equipment, periodically wash down roadway roofs and sidewalls, and inject water into coal seams. It can be applied in underground mining workings in both non-methane and methane environments, in areas classified as "a," "b," or "c" in terms of methane explosion risk, as well as in areas classified as "A" or "B" in terms of coal dust explosion risk.


CaBO Wetting Agent for Coal Dust is a solid substance in the form of sticks measuring 280 ±20mm in length, 39 ±2mm in diameter, and weighing 550 ±30g. The minor content of the agent dramatically reduces the surface tension of water and enhances its ability to wet dust particles.

Product Properties:

CaBO Wetting Agent for Coal Dust possesses properties that lower the surface tension of water. The surfactant in the formulation yields excellent results when wetting the dust generated during mining operations. The solution significantly reduces airborne dust hazardous to health in mining workplaces, decreasing the intensity of coal dust settling, which plays a crucial role in maintaining explosion-protection zones against the transmission of coal dust explosions. It reduces the risk of coal dust explosions by lowering the concentration of coal dust in the air. The application of CaBO Wetting Agent has a significant impact on working conditions and safety in underground mining operations.

Application Method:

CaBO Wetting Agent should be used as an additive to water used for combating dust in underground mining workings, to enhance its wetting capabilities, especially with regard to difficult-to-wet coal dust. Full effectiveness and initial wetting ability are achieved at concentrations of about 0.1 to 0.2%. The method of use and dosage is precisely specified in the Application Instruction ISDTiF/CaBO. Effective concentrations should be determined individually depending on the type of dust present in underground mining workings. Increasing the working concentrations of CaBO Wetting Agent in the solution may be beneficial for very difficult-to-wet coal dust.

Selected Technical Parameters:

Wybrane parametry techniczne
The product is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Mining Office. It holds the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) Attestation. The product has obtained a CERTIFICATE authorizing the use of a safety mark on the product.

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