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Hydraulic TEST Frost Resistant Fluid


Hydraulic TEST Frost-Resistant Fluid is designed for filling hydraulic power systems as a non-flammable fluid for testing and maintaining hydraulic equipment used in mining. Hydraulic TEST is used for testing and preserving hydraulic components of mechanized enclosures, centrally supplied stands, shifters, and other hydraulic power systems during their transportation and storage. Due to its properties, it can be utilized by users for individual applications, considering the product's safety data sheet and in compliance with applicable regulations. Use while maintaining the appropriate concentration. Diluting the product with water increases the crystallization temperature and alters the fundamental physicochemical properties of the product.


Hydraulic TEST Frost-Resistant Fluid is a clear fluid ranging in color from green to blue, free from mechanical impurities. It is a mixture of ethylene glycol with added corrosion inhibitors, dye, antifoaming agent, and water.

Product Properties:

Hydraulic TEST is a non-flammable frost-resistant fluid that undergoes biodegradation. The fluid is resistant to foaming and hard water and, due to its anti-corrosive properties, is used as a preservative for components and equipment of hydraulic power systems in mining. The frost-resistant fluid demonstrates the ability to mix in any proportion with oil-in-water emulsions used in mining hydraulic equipment without causing any adverse effects in new or refurbished hydraulic machinery. The freezing (crystallization) temperature, modified by the manufacturer according to customer needs, ranges from -35 to -51°C for negative temperatures. Thanks to its low crystallization temperature, Hydraulic TEST prevents equipment damage due to the freezing of the fluid. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the safety data sheet for Hydraulic TEST.

Before commencing work with the frost-resistant fluid, it is important to review the safety data sheet for Hydraulic TEST. The product should be used as intended for testing and maintaining hydraulic equipment in mining. Used fluid from testing and maintenance of hydraulic equipment should not be reused, as contaminants in it can increase the crystallization temperature and reduce anti-corrosive and anti-foaming properties.

Selected Technical Parameters:

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CERTIFICATE NO. B/2293/2012 Authorizing the Product for Safety Marking


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