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DEZYNTEK G20-01 Disinfectant/Biocidal Agent /Gel/


DEZYNTEK G20-01 is intended for general and professional use. It is a gel with virucidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal properties designed for disinfecting hands and feet (category 1, group 1). It is suitable for use in households and in places where maintaining the highest hygiene standards is essential, such as cosmetic salons, hairdressers, fitness clubs, and swimming pools.

DEZYNTEK G20-01 is a registered product with permission number 9039/22 for distribution and use on the market as a biocidal product.


DEZYNTEK G20-01 is a colorless gel with a characteristic smell of ethyl alcohol. It contains 73 g/100 g of ethyl alcohol, ensuring effective disinfection. Additionally, it contains a substance that provides protection to the skin, reducing drying and irritation effects.

Directions for use:

DEZYNTEK G20-01 should not be diluted before application as it may weaken the biocidal properties of the product.

Hand and foot disinfection:

Dispense approximately 3 ml of the gel by pressing the dispenser and spread it on clean and dry skin of hands or feet. Rub the gel for about 60 seconds until fully absorbed and dried, do not rinse.


Do not use if sensitive or allergic to any ingredients of the product.

Working conditions:

DEZYNTEK G20-01 should be used in well-ventilated spaces. Avoid prolonged inhalation of vapors and keep in mind that the vapors of the product are flammable. Avoid open flames at all times. The product is highly flammable. Always have appropriate firefighting and spillage equipment available.


Store DEZYNTEK G20-01 disinfectant gel in tightly closed original containers in a storage area providing sufficient protection away from sources of fire and ignition, in places inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Protect from excessive sunlight exposure. The storage area should be well-ventilated and suitable for storing hazardous substances. Avoid any mechanical damage to the containers that may lead to uncontrolled leakage of the gel. DEZYNTEK G20-01 is a volatile, highly flammable substance. Its vapors form explosive mixtures with air. Avoid prolonged exposure to low temperatures. Store within a temperature range of +1 to +25°C in areas providing sufficient protection. The storage period is equal to the warranty period, which is 12 months.


DEZYNTEK G20-01 disinfectant gel is classified as a dangerous material and is subject to transportation regulations according to RID/ADR. UN number 1170, class - 3, packing group II. Transport it in the manufacturer's original packaging. Secure the containers to prevent shifting and possible mechanical damage. Do not transport containers with DEZYNTEK G20-01 in open vehicles or vehicles not suitable for transporting the product. Avoid prolonged exposure to low temperatures. Protect from overheating and excessive sunlight exposure.

Warranty conditions:

DEZYNTEK G20-01 disinfectant gel is covered by a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. The warranty does not cover containers that have been mechanically damaged due to improper handling, such as throwing or careless transport. The warranty does not cover chemically contaminated product. The warranty also does not cover product defects resulting from improper storage conditions at the recipient's location. Replacement is provided for products that have been properly packaged, stored, and transported, and where defects preventing the proper use of the product resulted from the manufacturing process and are the manufacturer's fault.


The DEZYNTEK G20-01 disinfectant gel is available in containers with capacities of 0.1L, 0.2L, 0.5L, 1L, 4L, and 5L, or in other sizes upon agreement between the manufacturer and the customer. Containers are made of synthetic materials.

Selected technical parameters: 

Wybrane parametry techniczne
Zakładowa norma Nr ZN-20/CH/111

CHEMIKA Marek Gajewski guarantees the proper quality of the product but remains without influence on the method and conditions of its use. The information provided in the technical data sheet aims to ensure the optimal use of the product, but it does not serve as the basis for the manufacturer's legal responsibility as the execution conditions are beyond its control. In case of combining the product with items from other companies, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for resulting defects and damages. The information provided above is given in good faith, based on the current state of knowledge and practical experience. Deviations from the recommendations should be agreed upon with CHEMIKA Marek Gajewski. We reserve the right to change the content in subsequent editions of the technical data sheet without prior notification to recipients. The manufacturer also reserves the full right to modify its products as part of their technological development.

CAUTION: Biocidal products should be used with precautions. Before each use, read the label and product information.


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