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CHEMCLEAN Z3003 Degreasing and Cleaning Agent


CHEMCLEAN Z3003 is a colorless homogeneous liquid that consists of a mixture of anionic and nonionic surfactants and dispersants in an aqueous solution with added auxiliary agents.

Product Properties:

CHEMCLEAN Z3003 is a low-foaming liquid degreasing and cleaning agent. It is a non-flammable liquid that does not pose a fire hazard. The product exhibits high cleaning quality with the ability to disperse dirt and emulsify, and the solubility of the product in water allows for easy and quick rinsing of treated parts. The combination of active substances in the product provides excellent foaming and dirt removal properties.

Intended Use:

The product is dedicated for professional use. CHEMCLEAN Z3003 is designed for degreasing and cleaning metal surfaces (steel, iron elements, stainless steel, light metals, and aluminum) before applying paint coatings, for degreasing and washing in industrial facilities (e.g., industrial floors, walls in production halls, warehouses, or mechanical workshops), and for cleaning and degreasing machinery and equipment in industrial installations. The product can remove light oils, greases, emulsions, buffing pastes, polishing pastes, grinding pastes, etc. from surfaces.

Application Method:

Use according to the intended purpose as a degreasing and cleaning agent. The product is ready for use and should not be diluted with water. Dilution of CHEMCLEAN Z3003 with water will decrease its effectiveness. Application methods include manual washing (brush, brush, cloth), spray washing (high-pressure washers, e.g., Karcher type, or automatic with closed circulation), or immersion bath method (baths with bath circulation, ultrasonic washers). After using CHEMCLEAN Z3003, surfaces must be quickly and thoroughly dried (e.g., with a stream of warm air or wiping the surfaces with a clean cloth to remove any remaining bath residue) or rinsed with clean water and then thoroughly dried. These guidelines apply to easily corroding substrates. For other cases, drying the cleaned surface is sufficient.

Attention: In cases of heavy substrate contamination, the cleaning solution should be frequently replaced.


Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated rooms. The storage area should be well-ventilated. Store in the original tightly closed commercial packaging at a temperature of +5°C to +30°C, in closed rooms that provide sufficient protection, away from foodstuffs, feed, food containers, and in places inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Do not expose to prolonged low temperatures. Note! Water-dilutable product, not frost-resistant. Store at a temperature above 0°C.


The product is available in packages of 500 ml, 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 20 l, and others agreed upon with the recipient.

Warranty Conditions:

The product is covered by a 12-month warranty from the date of production. After this period, it can be used after checking its parameters for compliance with technical requirements. The warranty does not cover packages that have been mechanically damaged due to improper handling, such as throwing or careless transport. The warranty does not cover products indicating external chemical contamination. The warranty also does not apply to products whose defects result from failure to comply with storage conditions at the recipient's location. The exchanged product is the one for which packaging, storage, and transportation conditions have been maintained, and the defects that prevent the use of the product according to its purpose arose in the production process and result from the fault of the manufacturer.

Selected Technical Parameters:

Physical form, color homogeneous colorless liquid Scent delicate Density max. 1.00 g/cm3 pH value of the solution (at 20°C) 7.0 ÷ 9.0 Solubility in water complete Boiling temperature, ºC about 100 Flashpoint, ºC non-flammable Dilution is not recommended, it reduces the effectiveness of the product Tool cleaning drinking water Theoretical efficiency 0.1 ÷ 1.0 l/m2 of surface, depending on the degree of contamination and shape

Store in the original closed packaging in a dry place. Use as intended.



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