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Chemika Tire Pro


TIRE PRO restores a natural black color to tires, and the included UV filters protect tires from browning. The product can also be used on external plastic parts. TIRE PRO remains on the surface for an extended period, providing a satin or glossy finish based on the number of applied layers. The product can also be used as an anti-freeze treatment for seals in winter. With a minty scent, this dressing offers high hydrophobicity, is highly efficient, and easy to use.

Intended Use:

TIRE PRO is a ready-to-use dressing designed for the care and protection of the exterior rubber and plastic elements of a vehicle. Usage Instructions:For external use only. Application method: Apply the product directly onto clean tires or using an applicator. Spread the product evenly over the tire surface and allow it to dry. Do not dilute and avoid applying to hot surfaces.

Usage Conditions:

Before use, read the label on the packaging. Keep away from children. If it comes into contact with the eyes, rinse with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing. In case of ingestion, allergic reactions, or skin changes, consult a doctor and show them the product label or Safety Data Sheet.


TIRE PRO should be transported in original tightly sealed packaging, properly secured. The product is not classified as hazardous and is not subject to RID/ADR regulations. Maintain a temperature above 0°C during transport. Avoid prolonged exposure to low temperatures. Protect from overheating and sunlight.


Store the product in tightly closed, original packaging. Store in closed, restricted access storage areas. Protect from excessive sunlight. Avoid mechanical damage to packaging that may lead to uncontrolled leakage. Store at temperatures between 0°C and 35°C. Shelf life is equal to the warranty period, i.e., 24 months.

Warranty Terms:

TIRE PRO comes with a 24-month manufacturer's warranty. The warranty does not cover packaging damaged due to improper handling, e.g., throwing, careless transport. The warranty does not cover chemically contaminated product. The warranty also does not apply to product defects resulting from incorrect storage by the recipient.


TIRE PRO is available in 650ml containers made of plastic. Dispose of it according to national regulations.

Selected Technical Parameters:

Appearance, Color: Transparent, clear liquid
Scent: Characteristic with a hint of mint
Density at 20°C: Approximately 0.85 g/cm³
The product is not for consumption!
Plant Standard No: ZN-2022/CH/167

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