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CARBOCHEM Antifreeze Fluid


The antifreeze fluid is intended to prevent the coal and other bulk materials from freezing together in cargo holds, as well as to prevent the agglomeration of these materials during storage and transportation by road, rail, or sea, during periods of low temperatures. Due to its properties, it can be utilized by users for individual applications, taking into account the data sheet and in accordance with applicable regulations.


CARBOCHEM Antifreeze Fluid is an oily liquid, consisting of a mixture of glycerol, glycols, polyglycols, and water. It has a straw to brownish-brown color and is free from suspensions and sediments.

Product Properties:

CARBOCHEM is a non-flammable liquid that is biodegradable. The freezing point is modified to meet customer requirements and depends on the percentage content of the active ingredient in water. The minimum freezing point is -51°C.

Selected Technical Parameters:

Wybrane parametry techniczne
Product compliant with the In-House Standard of CHEMIKA Company. It holds the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) Attestation. The preparation has obtained a CERTIFICATE authorizing the use of a safety mark on the product.

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