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SODA-LIME Absorbent for Carbon Dioxide

Intended Use:

Soda-lime is intended for use in mining rescue operations to fill carbon dioxide absorbents in breathing apparatuses. It has also found applications in various industries wherever an atmosphere with limited carbon dioxide content is required.


Soda-lime is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide with a white to off-white color. The commercial product is a solid material in the form of cylindrical pellets, approximately 6-15 mm in length and with a diameter of around 2.8-3.5 mm.

Product Properties:

Soda-lime is a sodium-calcium absorbent for carbon dioxide. It is a non-combustible solid material in the shape of cylindrical pellets. Soda-lime is hygroscopic in nature; it readily absorbs moisture from the surrounding air.

Selected Technical Parameters:

Wybrane parametry techniczne
The product conforms to the In-House Standard of CHEMIKA company.

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